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You deserve a comfortable place to be you. Savor the vibe, share resources, make cannabis connections, and enjoy perks available virtually, and in the comfort of your own home.

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When you become a member of the Craft Cannabis Club, you’ll get the unique access to handcrafted monthly gift boxes and a vibrant community. Our resources, education, and recommendations will help keep your life rolling. Not to mention, we’re available to connect or for questions, at your beck and call.

We’re flexible A - take a month off, or cancel at any time.

Craft Cannabis Club

The Craft Cannabis Club is your members-only place to savor comfortable cannabis experiences. Kick back at the club itself or enjoy the perks of membership from home. You’ll have access to exclusive online events, and educational sessions from wherever you may be. When you plug into the Craft Cannabis Club, you plug into a unique and vibrant community working toward restoring cannabis therapy.

Crafting experiences, cultivating therapy

The Craft Cannabis Club serves as a community that’s helping break stigmas surrounding the “most important plant on the planet,” in the words of Dr. William Courtney. Cannabis is finally being embraced as an essential means of therapy. In Michigan and across the country, we’re taking steps toward the right to wellness with all the benefits cannabis therapy provides.

Steps to join the club

Step 1

Then, we’ll get to know each other personally.

Step 2

Explore everything your craft cannabis club membership has to offer during the first 7-days!
Get your Welcome Craft Box, exclusive access to in-club events, and member perks.

Step 3

After 7 Days, as long as we’re a good fit - your application will be approved!
Welcome to our community, we can’t wait to grow and break stigmas, together!

But still the war hunders in the background

Even as cannabis—medicinal cannabis and adult-use consumption—is slowly being legalized state-by-state, society is still reeling from 100 years of misinformation, manipulation, and lies that were aimed to oppress targeted populations.
With cannabis legalization in Michigan, safe places for access and like-minded communities didn’t just pop up overnight. Legalization hit the market like a storm, and the first people able to jump the hoops of state and local regulations weren’t truly cannabelievers. They were only business investors looking to cash in, fast.
Despite the legalization of medical cannabis in Michigan in 2008 and adult-use in 2018, over 20,000 cannabis-related arrests still take place every year...

Craft Experiences

If I could give more stars I would. Everything from the ambiance to the people was amazing. New favorite spot! Good service, upscale selections, and great music. Anyone who visits will fall in love. Thanks for making us feel like family! xo


Where we came from,
Where we're going

The Craft Cannabis Club is about you living your most
vibrant life.
But it’s also about something bigger.

We support cannabelievers and the cannacurious so that our craft community can be more inclusive, more just, and more ethical.
Cannabis has a long social and economic history of misinformation. The Craft Cannabis Club is devoted to more than just savoring safe products. We’re also deeply engaged in the cultural and historical context of cannabis.
Become a Craftsmember. We got where we are because of what we believe. The only piece missing now is you.

With a Craft Cannabis Club Membership, you get exclusive club access, virtual and at-home member perks, plus educational resources to help you get the most from the super plant.

We’re flexible too - take a month off, or cancel at any time.

Social & judicial injustice advocacy
Clean, hand-made products
Ethical employment practices
Local ownership & control
Community engagement
Social & economic industry equity
Redistribution of industry wealth
Small batch harvest & processing
Responsible social consumption
Ending the failed and disastrous drug war